Eileen Borris, Ed.D.
Individual Therapy

For many of us, the thought of therapy can make us feel uncomfortable. We may feel that it is hard to share our deepest thoughts with a stranger, or that we may seem weak. We could feel a bit fearful of the unknown, or fearful of what others might think. In reality, therapy is like a supportive conversation with an understanding individual who will not judge you. During therapy, we will work together to help you discover how you can live your best life.
In therapy, you will learn how to:

        · Put the past behind you
        · Reduce anxiety and depression
        · Gain greater insight
        · Recognize emotional and verbal abuse and how to deal with it
        · Gain greater self-esteem
        · Enhance your communication skills and understanding 
        · Improve your relationships
        · Learn how to work with difficult relationships
        · Heal from the painful emotions of betrayal, infidelity, separation and divorce
        · Learn how to forgive and reconcile