Eileen Borris, Ed.D.
Forgiveness Therapy

One of the most profound methods of healing is through the work of forgiveness. Forgiveness can be the most difficult thing asked of us to do and yet it is one of the most powerful healing agents. Forgiveness is a conscious choice to let go of feelings of anger or resentment harbored toward a person who has committed a wrong and to see a situation differently. It helps the one who has been wronged release any negative feelings and achieve a sense of peace. At its deepest level forgiveness can be extremely transformative.

Forgiveness has been found to be a pivotal process in helping clients resolve anger over betrayals, relieve depression and anxiety and restore peace of mind. Many people who pursue forgiveness therapy have been wronged by others, have experienced painful situations in their lives or may have issues where they want to learn how to forgive themselves.

With the help of a therapist, people are often more likely to understand exactly what happened in their given situation with greater clarity and gain an understanding of what forgiveness is truly about. They may be able to better explore their feelings regarding an offense, begin to see a situation from a different perspective leading to a different kind of understanding and thus begin a process of forgiveness.

Benefits of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not about letting the one who has wronged you off the hook, but more about your own personal inner healing. When you are able to forgive the person who wronged you, you are the one who can experience a profound inner shift, letting go of your emotional burdens and experiencing peace of mind. Studies show that an inability or unwillingness to forgive can negatively impact your physical and mental health and well-being, often contributing to conditions such as a repressed immune system, cardiovascular disease, depression and anxiety. The positive benefits of forgiveness are also great in which you can begin to experience increased happiness, better health, and stronger relationships.

People who are more forgiving of others are often able to resolve conflicts more easily, repair damaged relationships with family, friends and significant others and may experience higher levels of empathy and more positive feelings toward people in general. Forgiveness therapy has the capacity to change your life at a transformational level in a way that no other therapeutic work can do.