Eileen Borris, Ed.D.
Frequently Asked Questions

Eileen Borris, Ed.D.
​Frequently Asked Questions

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Question 1: What’s the biggest difference between a Psychologist, Counselor, Therapist and Psychiatrist?
Question 2: What is the main job or role of a Psychologist (Counselor, Therapist or Psychiatrist)?
Question 3: Isn’t Therapy just for “crazy” people?
Question 4: How do I know when I should begin seeing a Psychologist (Counselor, Therapist or Psychiatrist)?
Question 5: What are some of the areas that Therapy can help with? What areas do you specialize in?
Question 6: What are the areas of Therapy that really interest you and why?
Question 7: On average, how many sessions will it take to solve my problem? What are the costs?
Question 8: Is everything I say really confidential?
Question 9: In your opinion, what makes a good Psychologist (Counselor, Therapist and Psychiatrist)? How can I find one that is right for me?
Question 10: Isn’t therapy just for serious issues? How will I know it is working?
Question 12: What would you suggest for living a happy and completely fulfilled life?
Question 11: I’m always stressed out. What do you recommend to reduce stress?
Question 13: What would you say is the biggest misconception that most people have when it comes to seeing a Psychologist (Counselor, Therapist and Psychiatrist)?
Question 14: What are some final thoughts you would like to share about Therapy and mental health in general?